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Brendon + Mikayla | Engagement

Brendon and Mikayla's engagement shoot is one to remember...mainly because they're both total gems and we are seeeerrriously pumped for their wedding in July. But this engagement shoot stands out to us for a few other reasons, as well.... Picture this. Waking up at 5am - because there's nothing softer than the light of a new morning - only to discover it is the COLDEST. DAY. EVER. We're pretty sure it was in the -40s range with the windchill. Aka. outrageous. These guys were total troopers and powered through the pain of losing all their fingers and toes. We're pretty positive that silent tears were shed by all four of us... We must have spent over 50% of the time sitting in the car trying to get our blood flowing again. We think it's pretty safe to say that their wedding will have MUCH warmer weather (hallelujah).

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