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Josiah + Paige | Wedding

These types of days make us so in love with our job. This day was super cold and super wet, but nobody even noticed or cared because of the excitement floating in the air. Tears of happiness (some may or may not have been from us...), and plenty of belly laughs.

Josiah and Paige got married at a quaint little bible camp where they spent their summers together as teenagers. Guests had the option of renting a little cabin on the campsite so they wouldn't have to think about driving back into the city - an all weekend celebration is the best kind, if you ask me!

This wedding was these two in a nutshell: from praying together before the ceremony (and so many happy tears! ...from all of us!), to mentioning spaghetti in their vows. We're so thankful we could share in their day! Enjoy some of the highlights!

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