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Colin + Kelly | Anniversary

Colin and Kelly are two people that light up the room with their personalities. They love the junk out of each other and out of any body they meet. If you ever have the privilege of meeting them, make sure you force them to be your friends, because you won't regret it. ;)

These two celebrated their one year marriage anniversary in October, and what better way to celebrate than an adventure of an anniversary session!

The four of us had driven all the way from Edmonton to Drumheller hoping and praying the downpour of rain would stop by the time we got to Horseshoe Canyon. Well... it didn't. But we decided we would make it work, and by golly, we're glad we did. It only rained for the first few minutes of the session (which made for some yummy umbrella shots, amiright?), and then the cloud coverage made for some seriously creamy light afterwards. So we may have gotten lucky with the rain and the light, but I don't think any of us managed to avoid being covered in mud by the end of it. Worth it!!

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